Capital Ships

Capital Ships

Capital ships are combat ships capable of getting to and from battles by their own merits, as opposed to Minor Ships. The other types of ships are Utility Ships, Homeworld Defenses and Outposts.

List of Capital ships

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Frigate Class

-Boarding ships
-Light Frigates
-Primes(basic - Neotech)
-Glimmers(Anti minor - Neotech)
-Outrider(basic - intech)
-Vanguard(Anti minor- intech)
-Hammerhead(Advanced Frig- intech)
-Arcs(basic- Strontech)
-Rapphires( Anti minor- strontech)
-Scythes(Advanced- strontech)

Cruiser Class

-Infinites( Basic - Neotech)
-Defender( Defensive cruiser- Neotech)
-Spearheads(Basic - intech)
-Adamant( Defensive cruiser- intech)
-Starbeamers(Basic- stron tech)
-Protector( Defensive cruiser- strontech)
-Volkers( Advanced- strontech)

Battleship Class

- Beacon(Basic- Neotech)
- Gravity wells (Advanced,Ship that produces singularity- Neotech)
- Beast( Basic- strontech)
- Warden( Basic - intech)
-Omega(Advanced - intech)

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