Every fleet needs to be headed up by a commander. You can recruit commanders from your military academy, in the military - commander menu. Fleets are limited in size by the skill of the commander. A high-level commander can commandeer multiple fleets in a single battle. Commanders die if there is no capital ship available to ferry them home from a battle.


The commander is responsible for target selection and assessment of how much damage you can inflict on an enemy ship. The personality of your commander influences their assessments. Cautious commanders tend to play it safe by allocating a lot of damage to enemy ships, while nonchalant commanders will assign less. The range of personalities go from most to least safe as follows:
Zealot - Tactician - Veteran - Independent - Loose Cannon


Commanders have four stats that increase when they level up:

  • Commanding
  • Perception
  • Tactics
  • Morale

Nobody knows what these do.

Commander experience

Commanders gain Experience through doing missions or fighting in battles. Commanders that fight along in battles gain 10% of the main commander's xp. Ranks are as follows:
Rank Exp Required Strength Limit Number of Fleets
2nd Commander 0 xp 10000 str 1
1st Commander 100 xp 20000 str 1
Captain 250 xp 30000 str 2
Fleet Major 500 xp 40000 str 2
Vice Marshal 1000 xp 50000 str 3
Fleet Marshal 2000 xp 60000 str 3
Vice Commodore 4000 xp 70000 str 4
Chief Commodore 8000 xp 80000 str 4
Master Commodore 16000 xp 90000 str 5
Vice Admiral 32000 xp 100000 str 6

Commander customisation

You can change the face and uniform of your commander for two Credits (but not yet the gender).
You can change the name of your commander for one credit.

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