Frozty Vikings

The recent loss of one of their stations foremost on his mind, Commander A3dess, who had been charged with the station's defense, found himself called to the Arctic Viking command center Anubis without explanation. It was the eve of what would be an important moment in history, the surprise attack on a ROCK alliance station, the Naloine 5, currently occupied by a group of simple-minded fools in the borderlands.

"The station is lost," A3dess shouted in anger. "I can't take this anymore! I quit!" He was briefly tempted by the idea of throwing the fleet console at the statue of 'Warchief' Kenney (armed with his trademark banana), which stood in the middle of the command center.

"Is it the smile that troubles you?" asked a dark figure, seated across the room.

"What?" Commander A3dess was clearly baffled by the question.

"That smile Kenney has." Admiral Drogaas pointed towards the statue, his hand holding a bottle of Old Monk rum. "Particularly striking, don't you think? I'm sure he was so very proud when they erected it at every headquarters in honor of his heroism."

"You didn't seem to care, this whole time," A3dess growled accusingly. "You just sat there with your bottle of piss, while all those men died in vain trying to defend that goddamn station. And now all you can do is make some smart ass comment?" He gripped the console tightly, seemingly ready to rip it right from its foundations.

One of the viewscreens abruptly turned on. On it, a silver-haired older man with sharp eyes sat in a rather elaborate chair. He wore his homeworld's fleet admiral uniform, though he had left that duty in the past. Raahi Mehra looked up solemnly. "It's confirmed," he said. "My command has informed me that our communication signals at Naloine 5 were jammed." He paused, taking a deep breath.

"And?" urged Drogaas sternly, standing up and placing his bottle back into his personal safe.

"Go on," said A3dess.

Governor Mehra exhaled, frustration evident on his face. "And we traced the source signal. It seems we were jammed by our own headquarters." His eyes narrowed both in disgust and in concern for what reaction these words would bring.

"What?" roared A3dess.

Drogaas snorted. "Convenient. What else, did they say that someone made a mistake?" He patted himself, trying to find the keys to the safe.

"We're not sure, Commander Drogaas. If you like, I can open a channel with General As…"

"That won't be necessary, Raahi. Thank you for your time."

Raahi's eyes narrowed once more and the viewscreen went dark.

"You drunk fool. A lot of good men died today, and you don't even want to know how they died?" Drogaas simply pulled out the right key at last and locked his safe. "And what did you mean when you said someone made a mistake?" A3dess pressed, torn between confusion and despair. "This stinks of treachery. There's no use talking to you. You're just a pawn. But I assure you. I'm going to get to the bottom of this." He turned to leave, but finally Drogaas spoke.

"No," he said flatly. "You are not getting to the bottom of anything. All you'll end up doing is getting yourself killed. Or worse. I assure you, I didn't have anything to do with this disaster. But what you are going to do is come with me." He looked A3dess directly in the eyes. "It's why you were summoned here in the first place. To manage a small uprising in the fringes of the quadrant." Drogaas nodded to himself. "Frankly, we could have done better with the men that you lost today. But you will do for now."

A3dess tilted his head, confused. "What? What uprising are you talking about?"

'Ours!" Drogaas exclaimed, his voice clear and brilliant. "And if you join me, I promise you, I will explain everything." He smiled, genuinely.

A3dess stared at him for several moments, his face pensive. "They did tell me that you were a strange one…"

This is a page for Frozty vikings. Frozty Vikings were Created by A3dess and Drogaas. Frozty is a separate alliance from Arctic Vikings but remain loyal to their Eastern Cousins.

Allied: Arctic Vikings, Exodus.
On April 2016, we change our name to Vikings!

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