Homeworld Defenses

Homeworld Defenses

Homeworld Defenses are a type of defensive ship that can be produced on your homeworld. Homeworld defenses cannot move into fleets, and thus cannot move away from your homeworld. As such, they only defend your homeworld, and not outposts. To compensate, homeworld defenses are generally stronger per str point than equivalent ships.

Strategic considerations

Due to its immobility, building homeworld defenses can be a hindrance as you cannot bring it into offensive battles with you, or defend outposts with it. This is particularly relevant when enemies attack your outposts, as they will be able to bring 100% of your str value, which will include your homeworld defenses (see also Outposts).

However, due to its strength advantage, building homeworld defenses can be a sound choice for defensive players.

Types of Homeworld Defenses

Shield Boosters

Shield Boosters boost the shields of allied units by a shared 500 points per round in battle. In addition, they shoot down up to three enemy missiles per round each.


Stations function as immobile cruisers or battleships, bringing great firepower and hull strength to the battle.


Cannons act as weak but cheap firepower to pad out your fleet.


Artillery shoots high-firepower missiles, which can be shot down by enemy fighters. Its weak hull is compensated by high range.

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