Minor Ships

Minor Ships

Minor ships are combat ships that are brought to battle by way of hangars of Capital Ships. The other types of ships are Utility Ships, Homeworld Defenses and Outposts.

Minor ships come in two types:

  • Fighters are produced per 5, and shoot down enemy missiles. Fighters have decent minor-fighting capabilities, but are poor against capital ships.
  • Corvettes are produced per 2, and fire their own missiles. Corvettes defend against missiles too, but less than fighters do, and are better served as offensive ships against enemy capital ships.

List of Minor ships


Spikes-(Basic Fighter-Type T1)
Vulture-( Advanced Fighter, Fast, Less hull- Type T2)

Anvils- (Corvettes- Basic)


Orb-(Basic Fighter-Type T1)
Bolt-(Advanced Fighter, Fast, Less hull - Type T2)

Blades - (Corvettes- Basic)


Spikes-(Basic Fighter-Type T1)
Blinks-(Advanced Fighter, Fast, Less hull - Type T2)

Volts-(Corvettes- Basic)
Ghosts-(Corvettes - Advanced- Invisible till they fire)

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