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1. Overview

Strontech is one of the three specialisations available to players. Strontech focuses primarily on high energy weapons, and high shielding. As a result, Strontech ships often have weaker hull than their counterparts, and as such are considered hard-hitting but fragile. Strontech is reliant on the Strontium resource.

2. NeoTech ships

2.1 Unique Ships

The Volker is a unique damage-dealing cruiser. It has the highest primary firepower in the game which it fires in single bursts, making it great at sniping capital ships at a distance; it is fragile, however, and requires protection.

The Protector is a defensive cruiser which emits an EMP burst (range 40) which disables minor ships caught in the blast every round. The protector also has decent tertiary fire, and can carry 8 minors. However, it cannot move, so it can be difficult to use properly.

2.2 Variants of other ships

The Arc is the standard frigate for Strontech, boasting slightly higher firepower than its counterparts (mixed primary and secondary), as well as good range. It has less hull to compensate.

The Rapphire is the anti-minor frigate for strontech, with good range and tertiary damage but limited hull.

The Scythe is the second Strontech frigate, optimised for primary firepower at the cost of hull and hangar space. It is the hardest hitting of all frigates.

The Starbeamer is the standard cruiser for Strontech, with decent defensive capabilities and decent firepower (mostly primary).

The Heron is the carrier for Strontech, carrying a maximum of 22 minors.

The Beast is the Strontech battleship, and devoted to maximum firepower at the relative cost of defensive capabilities.

The Orb is the standard fighter for Strontech.

The Bolt is the T2 fighter for Strontech, with higher damage output but relatively low hull.

The Blade is the Strontech corvette, and has a higher range (37) and damage output (2000 base) than other corvettes, at the cost of fewer missiles and hull.

3. Techpoints

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4. Battles

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5. Lore/missions

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