Newbie Guide


Welcome to AD2460! We're pleased to have you on board, and doubly pleased to have you interested enough to read the wiki.

This page is broad guidance for newcomers to have an idea of what they should be doing in the game. This is a suggestion only and by no means the final word.

Level 1-4

  • Welcome! Follow the tutorial button in the first instance as it gives you a good crash course. This can be found in the bottom left corner (yellow), or under the info button if you accidentally close it.
  • Your main goal at this point is to increase your resource production from Outposts. So build prospectors, prospect the clusters near you, and select some outposts for colonisation (preferably 9/10 or higher).
  • Level up your outposts to improve production. Level up yourself to improve the amount of outposts you can hold.
  • Gain Experience by prospecting clusters, and doing missions.
  • Please give serious consideration to joining an Alliance. Alliances can help you with resources, advice, and fleets, and will guaranteed make this game more enjoyable for you.

Lvl 4-7

  • Make sure you always have a facility building, and research and development going when possible.
  • At this point you should specialise into one of the techs: StronTech, InTech or NeoTech. Focus your techpoints on this, and your buildings and outposts too.
  • You need facilities to research in your chosen tech. You need research to enable development. You need development for production. Therefore, build them in that order.
  • Try to research and develop the frigate of your chosen technology.
  • At level four, you can attack outposts (and be attacked by outposts).
  • If you attack an outpost while you have spare outpost-capacity, you will take over that outpost. If you are full up, you will only steal resources (if you have transports in the attacking fleet).
  • Set your fleets to 'defend outposts' and set your outposts to defence. Some people may try to farm you, so make them bleed for it. (See also: Outposts)
  • At level seven, you can attack and be attacked at your homeworld. You may be inclined to 'hold back' leveling up to avoid the danger, but… don't. Most important is to grow in level quickly so you can get more outposts.

Level 7-10

  • You can now attack and be attacked, so maintain a combat ready fleet.
  • At lower levels, effective ships include tech frigates, corvettes, and cruisers/carriers if you have developed them. Don't build light-frigates.
  • For your first homeworld attack, we're happy to help! You can use alliance fleets to help reduce your risk - let us know if you want to make your first attack and we'll help out.
  • Research and develop advanced outposts so you can get outposts above lvl 4.
  • Try to get a juicy outpost of a resource the alliance needs, or you need.
  • Work on your fleet composition.

Lvl 10+

  • At this point, levelling up becomes slow, so this is no longer your main focus (until you finish most other points, at which point xp becomes the name of the game).
  • Instead, try to unlock tech points, and unlock all the ships of your chosen tech.
  • Get good or better outposts by abandoning old ones that are either low potential (8/10) or don't suit your tech enough.
  • From here on, the premise of the game is mostly 'build a fleet, then kill it', to get xp.
  • Try to refine your tactics and fleet-composition to create the ultimate fleet.
  • Don't start the last pirate mission pack, but everything else is fair game at this point. Enjoy!
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