In order to progress in AD2460 you will need resources. Outposts generate resources, which appear on your homeworld every 15 minutes. Every outpost has a potential from 1/10 to 10/10. Outposts also have resource 'tilts', generating more of that particular resource. Outposts can be leveled up to level 10.

How to capture outposts

The first thing you will need to do is to develop your outpost. Open the 'Development'-panel in the 'Homeworld'-section. Select the outpost development, and initiate it. Once this has completed, open the 'Production'-panel, and start building the outpost. You will need one for every outpost.

You will need to prospect the star-clusters where you want to get an outpost from, by using prospectors. Find a planet that suits your needs. An outpost with balanced production is preferable as a first outpost. You claim outpost planets from the starmap. Zoom in to the solar system view and find the planet of your liking. Select it by clicking on it.

On the right side, right beneath the planet-image, you will see a tab with 'Claim Planet' on it. Click this. You can now select from the three outpost types you can place. You have only one to select from, so click on this. Once you do, the outpost is transported through your local jumpgate and placed in orbit around that planet.

Capturing outposts through combat

After level four, you can also capture enemy outposts through combat. If you have less than the maximum allowable outposts for your level, you can attack an enemy outpost to capture it.

Leveling up outposts

You can level up your outposts in the outpost menu. You can level up outposts beyond level four by researching and developing the advanced outpost, using level 2 facilities. Beyond level seven, you will require superior outpost technology, gained from level 3 facilities.

Outpost potential

At bottom of the information section of the planet, you will see a stat called 'Output Potential'. This is an indication of how much the planet will give you of total resources per hour. The value should be as high as possible. 1/10 is bad, and 10/10 is definitely one worth claiming, but it also the one most likely for someone else to want to take from you. You will have to balance the risk versus the gains on this.

Outpost potential calculator

Raahi Mehra created a calculator to check the maximum output per hour of a lower-leveled outpost, accessible at:

Defending outposts

Your outposts can be attacked after you reach level four. If you get attacked by someone who has not filled their outpost cap, they will take over your outpost, otherwise they will only steal resources. Generally, your outposts will only be attacked by people stronger than you - but it is still worth fighting tooth and nail to make sure they don't come back.

[1] How to defend outposts?
To defend your outposts, you need to do three things.
1. Go to your outposts page, and ensure the 'defend' icon is on. This means the icon will be coloured in, as per this image: http://puu.sh/mYZMf/f99f367bda.jpg
2. Go to your 'manage fleets' page, and create a mobile fleet. Ships in the 'base' fleet will only defend your homeworld, not your outposts.
3. Ensure your mobile fleet(s) is set to 'defend outposts', as per image: http://puu.sh/mYZKH/794cea0f3e.jpg

[2] What should I defend with?
There are several considerations you should bear in mind when defending outposts:
- The enemy can see (through infiltration) which outposts are defended and which are not.
- The enemy can attack your outposts with up to your FULL strength. This includes homeworld defense, so may exceed your fleet!
- The game will automatically select appropriate fleets to send to defend outposts. This will be a fleet or fleets closest in strength to the attacker.
- Fleets will not defend your outpost if the str difference is too great, or if they are still traveling from a previous fight.
- For this reason, it is recommended to have several 'size' fleets to defend your outposts (but remember commanders can die).
- 9/10 potential outposts are unlikely to be targeted for keeps.
- High-level players are sometimes looking for easy targets to farm - making them bleed for the resources can be a good strategy, even if you lose.

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