Patch notes

Patch notes

This is a list of all patch notes from 7.0 onwards.

Patch 8.0

It's that time again, for a new patch.
This patch had several overall goals, and to name a few, I can list:
- We wanted to create far more variety in the ships used for all techs, and to avoid the endless mono-walls
- We wanted to get in some preparations for changes to come down the line, more specifically what is referred to as more focus on "controlling territory"
- We wanted to simplify resource-gathering
- We wanted to avoid newbies having their outposts raided by big players constantly, and to create a more fair grace-calculation for new players
- We wanted to make certain alterations in the signup-process to open up for a new distribution-partner to help us find more new players
- And as always, we wanted to make the game faster, more smooth and get rid of bugs

Good luck reading everything below, it's quite a lot!
Before you do though, the date and time:
This Friday, March 11th, at 10:00 UTC (server-time) we will log out all players and take the game offline for patching.
This patch involves some heavy updates, and it will take it's time to complete. We estimate and aim for a downtime of 5 hours. If it takes longer, we will post details on our facebook-page as usual.

So, ok, here we go. The full list of alterations:

New stuff
- Credit-donations have been implemented in the Options-section
- Major simplification of the game: All outposts now generate resources directly on the homeworld! Transport-ships is now only of use when attacking other homeworlds!
— Also means that the failed-debt -> auto-collection of res is gone ofc
- Battleships and Cruiser now provide bonuses to other capital ships in the same fleet (on the same side, that is, regardless of which actual fleet they are in)
- The number of Battleships that will provide bonuses has been CAPPED at 8. So Battleship #9 and 10 and 11….etc…will not increase the bonuses provided by the battleships.
- The number of Cruisers that will provide bonuses has been CAPPED at 40. So Cruiser #41 and 42 and 43….etc…will not increase the bonuses provided by the cruisers.
- The bonuses are as follows:
Battleships RECEIVE the following bonuses:
Absorb-bonus: Cruisers * 20
Secondary Targeting: Cruisers / 3
Tertiary Targeting: Cruisers / 3

Cruisers and Carriers RECEIVE the following bonuses:
Primary Targeting: Battleships * 1
Primary Damage: 2% * Battleships
Secondary Damage: 2% * Battleships
Tertiary Range: Battleships * 1
Tertiary Targeting: Battleships * 2

Frigates RECEIVE the following bonuses:
Primary Targeting: Battleships * 1
Primary Damage: 2% * Battleships
Secondary Targeting: Cruisers / 3
Maneuverability : Battleships * 1
Absorb: Cruisers * 5

Oh, a note about the Omega:
It has been converted , as such, into a Smaller Battleship, and it now only has 8.000 strength.

One note about the bonuses provided by the Cruisers and Battleships:
The bonuses are updated every turn of combat, so it's based on the number of big ships ALIVE at the start of each turn.

Final amendment of Patch 8 content:
- Assisting newer players a bit with grace-time:
— Players at level 1-4 has a 3x multiplier on grace-time.
— Players at level 5-6 has a 2.75x multiplier on grace-time.
— Players at level 7-9 has a 2.5x multiplier on grace-time.
— Players at level 10-11 has a 2x multiplier on grace-time.
— Players at level 12-13 has a 1.5x multiplier on grace-time.
- Increased resource storage at your homeworld to cater for the new resource-model:
— 3.000.000 / 13.000.000 / 50.000.000 based on storage-facility-level per resource.
- Level 3 Resource Vault has been buffed to protect 1.500.000 of each resource. (up 50%)
- Improved Get Started guide further with much better descriptions, blinking of relevant items on the screen, added more information where it was badly needed.
- Improved the New Tech Point message when displayed to new users with less than 3 techpoints in total, explaining what techpoints are and a bit on how to use them
- Added Prospect Now section in the Solar System View for easier navigation for new players, and to show everyone whether they have prospected the cluster of the system they are viewing, to save some navigation back and forth.
- Fixed annoyance when looking at the List Of Points in the Tech Tree screen.
- Updated the default tactics in new fleets to more sane values.
- The Prospect button in the Solar system view will show a more extensive and explaining popup to those under level 4 / those who have prospected less than 3 clusters.
- Tooltips added for all ships in Production, all researches in Research. We are looking into expanding on this later.

Patch 7.3

Just a minor patch that fixes a few issues. And you need to log out and back in to make sure you have the latest version!

1: Loading / timing fix to prevent fleets loading before tech-data is secure.
2: Move ships now show green bars for >99% health, INCLUDING bonuses (finally)
3: Fixed speed-bug showing the turn-summaries just too early to catch kills made by the last living missile before the turn ended.
4: Fixed a possible reason for not getting the "under attack" popup.
5: Made it absolutely clear that vacation-mode costs 1 credit per day.
6: Salvage-fix. This time for good! :)

Patch 7.2

In about 45 minutes, we're installing Patch 7.2. Gameplay-wise, it't not much of a patch at all, but it does have some important changes nonetheless.

  • Referring a player will now get you 5 credits on his first login (in addition to 10% of any credits he may purchase!) —- We will make a special post about this point later today
  • Rename fleet: Ignore previous message about credit-cost here, it is not valid.
  • Rename outpost: Now costs 1 credit
  • Rename commander: Now costs 1 credit
  • Resetting your tech-points now costs 5 credits in stead of lots of resources.
  • Lots of help-info has been updated in several places
  • For station-fights, the "Attacker retreats if 10 turns pass without a single kill on either side" has been disabled.
  • Stations have a good bit more resistance to targeting-hacks by boardingships
  • Fixed the Bounty Claimed ranking
  • Added "sponsor-ranking" (Pay to Win button!)
  • Anti-minor frigates have enjoyed a hull / shield increase
  • The Protector will no longer move, ever.
  • The Protector has lots more shieldstrength
  • Facility-build-times reduced for most facilities

Patch 7.1

This coming friday, at 12:00 game-time (UTC), we are taking the game offline for 1 hour to apply Patch 7.1. Most of the work has gone into making sure combat-ids are no long in sequence, to avoid fishing for new combats realtime.
In addition , there are some fixes and improvements upon the features brough live in Patch 7.0.
Finally, there are some tweaks to shipstats. Here is the full list:

Patch 7.0

As most of you know by now, Monday at 12:00 game-time (UTC), we are taking the game down for maintenence for a few hours, applying one of the largest patches so far.
If you don't want to read too much about what's new a changed, here are the top 3 most important items:

  • AD2460 is now Free2Play, yes, the entire game.
  • The targeting-model in combat has been changed significantly
  • TechTree-items in tiers 1 and 3 have been changed quite a bit, so make sure you read up on those descriptions.

Before I give you the entire list of changes, I would very much like to say a big THANK YOU to the volunteer testers who have helped us so much on the test-server. You know who you are. Thank you very much!

Now, if you do want to know it all, here goes:

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