In combat, fleets will battle on a grid of 100x100 units of space. Weapons will be able to reach a cone in front of them depending on their range: a range of 50 equals halfway across the field in a straight line. If enemy ships are in range, your ships will fire according to their tactical settings. If they are not, your ships will move a certain amount of space every turn. The amount they move depends on the class of ship: fights on s2s move 20 per turn, whereas frigs move closer to 10 [someone should work out the exact numbers].

Starting locations

Each fleet will start on one side of the grid, in varying locations according to ship-type. Vertically, they will be arranged more or less at random [source?].

Horizontally, the weaker ships will start towards the front, with carriers and utility ships at the very back. A rough distribution occurs as follows:

  • Utility ships: 0-5
  • Carriers: 5-10
  • Battleships: 10-15
  • Cruisers: 15-20
  • Anti-Minor Frigates: 25
  • Frigates: 25-30
  • Fighters/Corvettes: 20-25
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