Repairing Ships

Repairing Ships

Damaged ships need repairs. At your homeworld, all ships will be repaired automatically, over time. If you have a fleet of ships that have been in battle and need repairs, move that fleet home. Repairs happen every hour, between xx:05 and xx:10.

If you have developed the Repair Ship, you will be able to make repairs to your fleet regardless of their location. Each Repair Ship allows for a certain amount of damage to be repaired per hour.

Your homeworld can repair up to 10.000 hullpoints every hour, as long as the damaged ships are located there (in any fleet, but it must be at home).
Each repair-ship present will add 1.000 hullpoints repair-capacity.
Any fleets not parked at your homeworld can perform repairs if there are repair-ships in those fleets, up to 1.000 points of hull per repair-ship.

Ships busy in combat will not be repaired.

Ships in your base-fleet will be repaired first, starting with the one with the highest primary firepower and continuing in that order.


Keep in mind that repairs will not happen if you are unable to pay your fleet upkeep. Unpaid upkeep adds to your upkeep-debt. Any upkeep-debt (found in your economy-section) must be paid first in order for repairs to take place. Payment of your upkeep-debt happens just before the repairs take place, if you have the resources. If payment of your upkeep-debt fails, your assistant will automatically initiate an "Auto-transport", sending out your transports to fetch resources so you have a better chance of paying this debt the next hour.

The order in which these things happen:
1: Payment of upkeep-debt (if there is any)
- If there is not, or if the debt was paid, go to step 3.
2: Initiate Auto-transport of resources from your outposts, and hope that will take care of the debt in one hour.
3: Calculation of the upkeep-costs.
4: Payment of upkeep. If it fails, add to upkeep-debt and prevent repairs. If it succeeds, proceed to repairs.
5: Repair ships located at the homeworld, starting with the base-fleet, and the ship with the most primary firepower, and continue in that order.
6: Repair ships in fleets NOT at the homeworld, if the fleets have repair-ships.

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