Every ship has a shield value in addition to their hull value. Shields subtract from the damage done to hulls, until the shield is gone. Shields can be restored or boosted by several ships/defenses.

How shields work

Damage is divided between shields and hull at a 70/30 split. 70% of raw damage will go towards shields, until shields are depleted. Primary fire has the full absorption effect mitigated after the 70/30 split. For example, a 1500 damage primary fire aimed at a ship with 100 absorption will cause 1000 damage to shields, and 400 to hulls.

Damage by secondary fire affects shields the same way (70% of total) but any damage dealt to the hull by a secondary will do 50% damage (after shields). So, a 100 damage secondary will deal 70 damage to the shield and 15 to hull.

Shield boosting effects

There are various ships and defences that can add to your fleet's shield values, including shield booster homeworld defences, and the Protector ship.

Various technology points also affect shields, particularly including the Neotech shield-stealing tech.

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