Ship stats


Ship statistics are the stats that determine the combat capabilities of your various ships. Statistics are affected by research and techpoints. For stats including bonuses on your ships, go to production, click the ship you want to see, and press the (i) button next to its picture.

Ship statistics


Hull is the amount of hitpoints your ships have. If your hull drops to zero your ship explodes.


This is a set amount of damage that the Hull will absorb/negate before calculating how much incoming damage is subtracted from the Hull value. Absorb has a lower limit. If less than 50% of the damage going towards hull-damage remains after the absorb calculation, 50% of the damage is still applied. For more info, see Shields.


This is the amount of shields your ships have - incoming damage is distributed across the shield and the hull (after absorb). For more info, see Shields.


The amount by which your shields recharge every turn.


This is a measure of your evasiveness (higher is better). Ships with high targeting have a higher chance hitting ships with high maneuverability.

Weapon statistics


This represents how many guns your ship has of each type, and of which technology. For example, 2X (StronTech) means they will have two shots with StronTech payloads. Primary weapons are beam weapons. Secondary weapons are missiles (these can be shot down). Tertiary weapons are anti-minor weapons.


The range at which your weapons can reach the enemy. For more info, see range.


The damage dealt per shot (provided it hits), before shields and absorb.


The chance of hitting you target depends on your targeting, and the enemy's maneuverability.

Rate of fire

The amount of times your weapons shoot per turn. For example, a 2X weapon with a rate of fire of 3 shoots 2x3=6 times per turn. The rate of fire will be spread over the turn's duration, unlike the amount of guns firing at once.


The chance [in percent?] of landing a critical hit that does more [4x?] damage.

Other statistics

Cargo capacity

Cargo capacity is the amount of resources you can haul away from a battle. You steal resources by attacking enemy Outposts or Homeworlds, provided you bring ships with cargo capacity.

Hangar capacity

Hangar capacity lists the amount of minor ships it can bring into battle. You cannot bring more minors into battle than you have hangar-space, unless fighting a defensive homeworld battle.

Jump range

Jump range is the amount of starmap you can cross in a single 10-minute jump. Note that minors do not have their own jump range (which is why they need hangars). Note also that travelling 'to' a place is instant, but 'from' requires recharges according to the distance and jump-range involved.


Your ships may explode violently when destroyed, dealing damage equal to their volatility [DN: by which calculation?].

Special effects

Special effects vary by ship (most have none) but may include for example the protector's EMP ability.

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