Upkeep overview

Every ship (except some Utility ships) will require you to pay upkeep once built. Upkeep is a fraction of the total (unmodified) buying price, in equal proportion to the buying price. Upkeep will be taken from your homeworld resources once per hour at 5 minutes past the hour.

If you fail to pay upkeep, your ships will take some damage every hour you are unable to pay. Failed payments will be tracked as debt, and will be repaid when you next receive resources. If payment of your upkeep-debt fails, your assistant will automatically initiate an "Auto-transport", sending out your transports to fetch resources so you have a better chance of paying this debt the next hour.

Upkeep cost reductions

There are some ways to reduce your upkeep costs by a small %.
[list all ways here]

Outstanding issues

[How is the damage apportioned to ships? Nobody knows.]

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